Chain Link Fences

View a slideshow that features Hillcrest Fencing’s chain link fencing options.

Chainlink is used in many residential applications as well as commercial, but residential chainlink fencing is often not as tall. Shorter heights can be used to delineate a yard or keep small pets contained.

  • Comes in galvanized, black or green finishes.
  • Shorter height than commercial applications, usually 4 feet tall

Commercial & security fencing

Commercial and security chain link fences are very similar to residential fences, but with commercial applications normally heavier duty materials are used.

Security fences are usually installed around buildings, irrigation pump sites, electrical substations, etc to protect business and/or personal assets. Commercial type fences are usaually installed around schools, churchs, commercial buildings, playgrounds and parks to either define areas where the public can and cannot go and/or enhance the appearance of the property.

  • Chain link fences use round metal posts placed 8 to 10 feet apart, normally with a solid top rail pipe for bracing and the chain link fabric.
  • Comes in galvanized, black, and sometimes green finishes.
  • Add barbed wire to the top to make the fence even more effective.
  • You can add privacy slats to chain link fences to keep visibility down and prevent loss.
  • 6-foot options are most popular with the security fences.